SIRSU has moved all of his digital creative works onto the Ethereum Blockchain for increased ownership, provenance, and financial equity creating a circular economy for SIRSU collectors and curators alike. This page will serve as an active library gathering all of SIRSU’s 1/1 NFT works. All works, unless otherwise specified are available for purchase/bidding. 

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INTR:mssn Series

2011 — present
Generational Series
SIRSU Masterworks

Beyond Provenance
House of HEAT

INTR:mssn (Intermission) explores the states of transience; the middle ground from that which we use to self-reflect and analyze our thoughts, behaviors, actions by looking upon oneself. Similar to the break periods of Opera or Stage Play, those key periods allow us to download, digest, and assimilate the lived experience to prepare ourselves for the next experience. In this, we can forge new pathways, and it is within that bead, my work is applied.

Digital Bodies

2020 — present
Publication Series

A Conversation of Consciousness in Decentralized Spaces

Digital Bodies is a virtual publication effort sponsored by Sirsu Goods that develops stories and artifacts on the Ethereum Blockchain. These stories are in part, an attempt to intellectualize the nodes of habit around scarcity and the quest to build identities within the digital landscape in ways social media, communication apps and other means of expression could not. 


2021 — present
Audio Series


An experiment in documenting, sharing, and collecting memories of others. What do they reveal about you? What do they remind you of? A forgotten time? Nostalgia of an experience since passed?

These files have an effect of feeling like a short film + soundtrack with your own visual dreamscape connecting with memory that’s unique to you despite the fact that it’s not your lived experience.


2015 — present
Novel Series
SIRSU Masterworks

The Sirens! are a punk-rock all sister band influenced by the likes of Black Flag, Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Runaways, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and their personal favorite: Su!c!de.

Character Cards are collectible artifacts from the 22nd Century punk rock band, "THE SIRENS!" Adapted from SIRENS! Graphic Novel created in 2015.

Coming Soon.

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